Company Health,
Safety & Environmental Policy

Health, Safety & Environment rests at the highest level

The overall responsibility for Health, Safety & Environment rests at the highest level, however, all individual employees have important responsibility towards HSE and must participate in carrying out policy. Appropriate training, supervision and information are provided to encourage and enable to carry out their duties safely.

Regular Inspection and monitoring of the activities is undertaken and accidents or incidents are investigated promptly so that appropriate action is taken to prevent from reoccurrence. Unsafe work practices by an individual can often lead to accidents even in safe working environment. It is therefore our goal to eliminate both unsafe working condition and unsafe work practices. It is the policy of our company to;


Comply with all regulations governing Health, Safety & Environment at the job site.


Provide adequate training to the employees ensuring their competency in their respective field.


Promote safety culture among the employees by means of posters, bulletins and meetings.


Hold each employee accountable for their individual responsibility for Health, Safety & Environment


Measured & appraise HSE performance and will reward its staff for good performance.


No task is so important, nor so urgently, that we cannot take the time to do it safe.


To fulfil with all laws and statues of the Sultanate of Oman and any specific contract requirements concerning Health, Safety and Environment.

We accept that HSE responsibility rests with the line management and that all levels of staff share in this responsibility. The focal responsible for the overall implementation of this H S E Policy is the Chairman.

Hamed Nasser Al-Darai
Vice Chairman.
January / 2017